The Property

The property has been designed and built with the belief that ease of operation during any season is the key to a well run operation. All buildings are on surveyed deeded lots and the airstrip is “private“ category multi year lease from Saskatchewan Environment & Resource Management along with the boathouse and dock. The licensed outfitting area is 35 square miles. From the dock there is water access to Meanwell Lake, Mirror River, Clearwater River, Dell Lake and Lloyd Lake.  There is also trail access to Dell Lake, Dycke Lake, Cree Lake Road, Uhrich River and in winter the Semchuck Trail. On top of all that there are many secondary trails to great exploration spots.

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Carriage House

1250 square feet Bedroom one queen bed with single bunk on top x 2 fireplace propane thermostat controlled heater full washroom with 33 gallon water heater couch work table chairs hard wire link to internet Bell express view TV ceiling fan Bedroom two one bunk bed one single bed full washroom with 33 gallon water heater connected to laundry Electric heat

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